The USS Enterprise Would Wipe its Ass With the Millennium Falcon, According to Neil Tyson

While everyone has been busy choosing their side of the force in anticipation of The Force Unleashed hitting theaters this month, audiences have lost sight of one of the more important rivalries in the cosmos: Star Trek or Star Wars?

It's a question that can be framed within a simpler question: which starship would you rather be the captain of, the USS Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon?

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Image Credit (Top): Star Trek TNG, 'Yesterday's Enterprise' (1990)
Image Credit (Bottom): Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

With the USS Enterprise, you have a large science & research vessel with a crew of over 1,000 personnel (representing over a dozen alien species) and all of the luxuries: holodecks, replicators, a bar, and even a school for your children to attend. That's right, on the USS Enterprise, crew members can bring their entire families along as they voyage through the stars (well, around stars... flying through them is not recommended). 

But with the Millennium Falcon, you purportedly have the fastest ship in the galaxy, a big furry sidekick, and the attention of a rebel princess. Other than that, it's essentially a bare-bones smuggling ship that makes up for its spartan interior with the cool-factor of its exterior (and hyperdrive when it's not broken). And while its deflector shield may be able to withstand more than a few laser blasts from a star destroyer, it's unlikely to hold up against the force of a well-aimed photon torpedo launched from a Galaxy-class Federation starship (as long as Chief Security Officer Worf hasn't been incapacitated). 

But the most important question is: which vessel would win in a fight? If the USS Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon were to throw down lasers and phasers, who would come out victorious? Well, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson and Adam Savage, it's not even close. 

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Adam Savage

The winner is: the USS Enterprise

And considering that the Enterprise is a science, research, and exploration vehicle, there would be an endless amount of fun to be had in every corner of the galaxy. Why spend your time gallivanting around on the Falcon in search of your next paycheck when you could instead zip around the cosmos inside of a luxurious socialist utopia in which the only real currency is information and technology?

But alas, the Millennium Falcon can do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs (12 parsecs = 39 light years = 351 trillion kilometers, whatever that means). Also, Han shot first.

Star Wars: "Punch It!" / Star Trek: "Engage."

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