Taking a Break.

I've been doing weekly blog posts here on Death by Cosmos for an entire year. It was fine as a little side project while also working a full-time job, but as of right now I'm off traveling for several months in Asia and it's been difficult to keep up with this project. For the time-being, I'm going to have to step away for an indeterminate amount of time.

A big part of the problem is that I actually started a second blog geared towards travel: In All Farness. I'd like to be doing more updates there, but it's been really hard while also trying to keep to a weekly schedule on Death by Cosmos and dealing with the fact that I don't always have an internet connection while traveling in places like rural India. And since I'm also attempting to manage a fundraising campaign through In All Farness, I think it's more responsible of me to set aside this blog and focus on making that other project a success.

I've also run into some website deficiencies. I started this blog in a different format using Squarespace back in 2014. Since that time, my web-development needs have exceeded the capabilities of this web content management system, and I really want to upgrade to something that's more powerful and flexible (most likely WordPress) while also managing my own web hosting. It's hard to do that while also traveling and managing two blogs, so I'm going to take a little bit of time here to figure out what my next step with this blog will be. 

I'm far from done. I still believe in this project and I have strong vision of how this thing will eventually turn out in the future. I just need to step away for a short while in order to clarify that vision and figure out how to make it even better going forwards. I expect that these weekly blog posts will be back in action no later than September.

Until then, thanks to everyone who's ever taken the time to follow this blog and read some of the content I've been putting out there. I know it's not always of the highest quality nor the most topical of subjects, but I hope to rectify these shortcomings once I've regrouped and finished traveling. In the meantime, please follow my other blog over at: AllFarness.com, and perhaps even think about donating in support of my Room to Read campaign (I would be forever grateful).

Thanks so much for all of the support.


Dan Levesque